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An evaluation of the National Tuberculosis Program using directly observed treatment short course in children 0-14 years old as implemented in XU-CHCC and NMMC, Cagayan de Oro City, 2007-2011.


Cyril Jonas M. Planilla,
Melgar D. Acebu,
Nathalie Ruth S. Beltran,
Casharelle A. Castillo,
Nepthalie O. Dumalahay,
Eleni Marie G. Gironella,
Hezel I. Fuellas,
Habib A. Gunting,
Nazifa  A. Maginalang

Publication Information

Publication Type
Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan Journal of Medicine
Publication Date
January-December 2012


Pediatric tuberculosis is an important focus of the National Tuberculosis Program. Unfortunately, it is not given much attention because tuberculosis in children is difficult to diagnose, less infectious, and oftentimes relatively neglected by physicians and researchers. Given this current gap in knowledge, this study was conducted to evaluate the extent of implementation of the National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) among children 0-14 years old in Xavier University - Community Health Care Center and the Northern Mindanao Medical Center, Cagayan de Oro City. Involving a cross-sectional  design, this study used secondary data, particularly the hospital TB registries of the TB DOTS centers of the two hospitals. Case loads, clinical features, treatment outcomes, and outcome indicators were assessed. Both hospitals with TB DOTS centers have established TB registries that record case notification and outcomes for pediatric tuberculosis. Case notifications revealed a total of 276 cases, with tuberculosis affecting more children who were female and who aged 5-14 years old. Overall, ther were more EPTB cases than PTB cases with majority having no sputum exam results but were diagnosed using other diagnostic tests. Most patients were categorized as new patients with TB category III. Treatment outcomes were good with treatment completion rates of 91 and 90 percent for XU-CHCC and NMMC, respectively. It should be noted that there is a need for specific outcome indicators for pediatric tuberculosis apart from those already existing for adult tuberculosis.


The study aimed at evaluating the extent of the implementation of the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) among children 0-14 years old in Xavier University-Community Health Care Center and Northern Mindanao Medical Center, Cagayan de Oro City using DOTS. The study specifically sought to 1) determine the case notifications and clinical features of childhood tuberculosis in these hospitals from 2007-2011, and 2) determine the treatment outcomes and outcome indicators in case detection and case handling of children with tuberculosis in these hospitals.

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